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Learning by Doing

Virtual Reality (VR) is the exciting new technology for engaging seafarers with the training they need as they enter and advance through their careers.

KVH Videotel is delighted to be working exclusively with OMS-VR to produce and distribute the most comprehensive and innovative maritime virtual reality training for seafarers.


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Benefits to You

Remove the Risk, Keep the Jeopardy

Virtual Reality training gives you the ability to immerse seafarers in dangerous situations without putting them in harm’s way. Crew members don’t need to worry about making mistakes or trying out new techniques, because they are learning the ropes in a safe environment. Virtual Reality is the next best thing to face-to-face training and allows you to see how your crew will perform under pressure.

Transport the Learner

Now crew can be 'onboard' a vessel, in the engine room, or on the wheelhouse by putting on a VR headset. Virtual Reality worlds give the opportunity to be at sea, while ashore. Crew can be trained on vessel specifics, or new equipment – without the costs or inconvenience of travel.

All About Immersion

Immersive learning through VR transports seafarers to an environment, in which they are completely absorbed and are able to learn from the things they experience. Not only is this a more engaging way of learning, but it also boosts retention to a much higher degree.

Access all Areas

Virtual Reality provides new forms and methods of visualisation, and can more accurately illustrate physical spaces and objects, concepts, features and processes, than other less interactive means. 

Virtual Reality Motivates Students

Our VR exercises are not only visually engaging, the exercises require high levels of interaction and encourage active participation. The provided haptic controllers create a real sense of urgency and make the simulated world more life-like.

Assess with More Confidence

Our VR modules can run in assessment mode, meaning you can assess the learners' ability to perform end-to-end operations such as safety checks, lifeboat launches and equipment maintenance. The assessment can be recorded and scored automatically or reviewed first hand in ‘spectator mode’.

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What it's All About

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment, which can be explored and interacted with. A person becomes part of a virtual world, immersed in an environment and able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions. A combination of hardware, software and sensory synchronicity, it achieves something known as a sense of presence, where the subject really feels like they are present in the virtual environment they are immersed in.

How it works

Virtual Reality enables us to experience things we would otherwise not, by fooling the body and mind that we are really in those environments using innovative immersion techniques. In terms of training, this allows for a more meaningful assessment of our true reactions in various situations.

A safe sandbox

Wherever it is too dangerous, expensive or impractical to really perform a task, Virtual Reality is the answer. Virtual Reality allows us to 'fake' the risks to gain real-world experience. It is this ability to inject jeopardy and realism, but without danger, that makes Virtual Reality such an incredible training tool. 

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A Whole New World of Maritime Training

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About Our Partners

KVH Videotel's VR training has been created through an exclusive partnership with maritime software development company, Optimum Maritime Solutions (OMS). OMS's professional team is led by Capt Vitaliy Smolets, who has a wealth of experience in the maritime industry, and Mr Slava Garelin, former director of engineering in an international cybersecurity company.

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