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Task-based Competency 

Your solution for evaluating seafarer competency

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How can you measure your crew’s ability to perform tasks after training has taken place?​  +

Structuring assessments for seafarers on any given subject

How do you evaluate whether those tasks are completed in line with statutory and company standards?​  +

Monitoring an individual’s progress as they attain and develop their skills

How can you tell if that training translates to improved performance onboard?​  +

Delivering a clearer view of what your crew can do

Introducing Task-based Competency, the newest component of Videotel Performance Manager​

All from Videotel – creating outstanding training materials, transferring knowledge to the seafarer, and providing the tools needed to monitor performance and development.​

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Providing you with the Tools to Evaluate and Manage Training

Task-based Competency is built on proven training and educational tools along with the advanced Videotel Performance Manager.​


Using the Taskbook Concept

Based on the established concept of taskbooks, this new set of tools allows seafarers to prepare for, and be evaluated against, any competency that should be demonstrated during their time onboard ship. 

Delivering Valuable Data

The Task-based Competency results are made available to shore staff in a series of interactive and engaging reports within Videotel Performance Manager.

Measuring Performance

Task-based Competency equips you with the means to measure your crew’s ability to perform the tasks needed to do their job safely and effectively and can help identify high-performing crew members who could be eligible for promotion.

Delivering Transparency and Control

Task-based Competency is built on proven training and educational tools along with the advanced Videotel Performance Manager.​

Who decides what to measure?

You do! Input your own competency tasks or select from our library of pre-defined competencies. You can then build your own taskbooks, specific to each rank, ship type, or department onboard, and then assign a taskbook to each member of the crew. 

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Who evaluates crew performance?

You do! We believe that the people best placed to measure crew competence are the leaders and technical experts you already have onboard. You decide who evaluates each task and the criteria by which they will evaluate the crews’ performance. ​

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Who manages it?

You do! Within the Videotel Performance Manager dashboard, the crew member sees the tasks they will need to demonstrate competency in, and the associated performance criteria. Designated personnel can view tasks to evaluate and plan when the evaluation takes place. You can then monitor the results, by taskbook, rank, vessel or fleet, and see who is on track and who is meeting or exceeding the standards you require or who might need additional training and support. 

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Download the Brochure for Additional Details

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Key Features of Task-based Competency 

With flexible features and unmatched reporting and training integration, Task-based Competency provides the critical tools required to ensure your crews meet your demanding standards for performance:​

Use existing or create new competencies

KVH Videotel can provide core task-based competencies applicable to various vessel types, or can help you create content specific to your fleet and operations

Compatible with your existing, custom content

Your fleet can have its own pre-existing taskbooks added to the platform or can create new ones from scratch with the provided tools

Full integration with KVH Videotel training

Any task-based competency can be mapped to a specific piece of KVH Videotel training or other resources to aid in preparation​

Versatile, easy to use interface

Software is available onboard for assessors and candidates to view, plan, and record their assessments​

Dynamic reporting

Intuitive and powerful reports for the identification of high performers are available within Videotel Performance Manager​

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Get on Track Today

Videotel’s expert team is ready to work with you define what you want to achieve, build the competency framework that will work best for your company, and support you in implementing the program successfully throughout your fleet.​

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